poniedziałek, 4 czerwca 2012

T-Shirt Company


Unfortunately, I did not have a dressmaker and he had to sew it. After many tests, cuts and attempts to show you t-shirt company. Unfortunately, I used a weak thread in some places, the seams can propagate :).

wtorek, 8 maja 2012

Medallions Nameless - necklace


Made of wood and silver necklace with sculpt for everyone. Male, female, furry, neko ... Everyone has it fitting.
With the built-script you can:
- scale
- move
- rotate
- Off the menu from accidentally clicking
- Remove script
- Hide or show the shadow of necklace

czwartek, 19 kwietnia 2012

5 IN 1 - Amulets of lost life - DELUX SET

Corals from tree of lost memories - SET = 99L$
Amulet of life force - SET = 299L$
Crystals of lost soul - SET = 199L$
Medallion on destination - SET = 299L$
Amulets of lost life - SET = 499L$
5 necklaces + 5 bracelets + 5 earrings = 1 DELUX BOX
If you wanted to buy everything individually, you pay 1395L$. Set DELUX costs only 999L$

Amulets of lost life - New necklace and bracelet


piątek, 30 marca 2012

Sculpt Leather Collar with leash and chain for BDSM and slave fan. With script and OpenCollar Add-ON.

"Druidamus Whisper - Enslaved Black Widow - collar" Copy; NoMod; NoTransf;
"OpenCollar Add-on (attach the spine)" Copy; Mod; NoTransf; Scripts - Full Perm
"Druidamus Whisper - Leash Holder (l.hand)" Copy; NoMod; Transf; Scripts - Full Perm 

niedziela, 18 marca 2012

Anim DruPet - Misty white butterfly

Small, animated butterfly sculpt, which adorn every nose;). You can increase or reduce the size of nano.


About products

Welcome to my world. In a world full of strange projects, products and ideas;). "Druidamus Whisper" is not just jewelry, but also products YDW, and Anim Drupet.

Druidamus Whisper - the main part, while the most recent project, the
everything that is part of the appearance of your avatar. Which includes:
- jewelry
- accessories

Anim DruPet - otherwise animated pets and animals

YDW - Design Your World, the products that will help you create the world
- Dr UUID texture

- designs
- projects
- gadgets

and the old part of the projects [WG-Dru], which is the same as Druidamus Whisper dealt with producing jewelry. Currently, these products have different promotions, repricing, discount prices. In a word - a sale.